What will it Cost?

All businesses are NOT equal, or need the same amount of intervention. For everyone that I believe I can help – the process is the same. First 2 hours is free. Then if you want to continue – hire me to do a roadmap. After that – we can work hourly.

Assessment =  $1500   FREE

  • One – two hour meeting and discovery with Owners
  • Review and Analysis of Financials
  • Formal Recommendation

Roadmap –  $4500  one time fee.   An in depth analysis and with specific recommendations prioritized with resourced for rapid implementation Includes a complete analysis of the following business areas to identify opportunities for change that will produce the greatest effect on profitability. This step represents about 40-50 hours of my time. It will require each business to give me access to the data/information I need as well. This detailed report will cover the key areas below and prioritize the most urgent action items required to get to profitability faster. This document is often 20-30 pages in length and includes a one-page graphic.

  • HR
  • Operations
  • Financials
  • Marketing
  • Business Benchmarking and Goal Setting 

Implementation, Coaching & Resource Development    $150/hr.   Offering continued support of implementation of Roadmap milestones. Strategy Refinement, results review, Marketing support, Resourcing for all vendors to help with execution,  Continued Systems Development, Implementation, Coaching.