The Front Desk

You never get a second chance to make a first impression — and your customers will remember how your front desk staff treats them, long after their appointment. Since a large part of your revenue comes from new customers this is one of the most important positions in your business.

I’m surprised how little time and effort most small businesses invest in hiring, training and supporting this role. An underutilized, under trained Front Desk staffer is often the first place to look when searching for hidden Profit Opportunities.

Front Desk Staff have an immense responsibility over the success of your business. On the phones, they are the voice of your business. They can also be a fantastic source of additional and continued revenue for your business. They are usually the most loyal and passionate and under paid employee – often alone in their knowledge of value they bring. What I often discover is they lack the support, training and resources they need to become your businesses superstar.

Front Desk is also where I usually find the biggest Profit Holes.