Systems = Traction = Acceleration = Speed

Traction, Acceleration & Speed. If it feels like things are moving faster – you are correct. If you want to thrive – Pick up the pace!  So how do you do that? Systems baby! Nearly every aspect of your business can benefit from some type of systemization and sometimes automation. It’s not as expensive as you might think.  And the payoff is HUGE!  Inviting automation will allow you to identify and respond quickly to changes in the market place.

Most service based businesses have grown organically over time. Reviewing the how in the “what you do can reveal tremendous opportunity for additional profits.

Every business I’ve worked with so far is leaving money on the table. A thorough review of  your business systems will often reveal several easy to change tasks that yield tremendous results.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Call handling – How many new client calls or inquires are you able to immediately respond to? If you leverage technology –  the answer is – More than you think.  Speed in today’s world is critical to Service Business success. If you are NOT leveraging technology at EVERY action and inter-action point in your business you will fall behind. Are you using an automated electronic lead handling system?

Tracking – What you track and how you store this information is KEY to your Profit. Tracking your customers, your dollars, your staff, your marketing in a meaningful format that allows you to quickly access it for reporting is essential. With this data at your fingertips you can to respond quickly to new competitors, advertising discounts, and will help refine your decision making process.

Technology – Leveraging technology is a no-brainer, right? You’d be surprised how many business are not using technology to their advantage. Either because they don’t know it exists or somethings Staff is invested in the “old” way and is reluctant to change or often there is a misconception about the “cost” of implementing technology. Getting this piece right can produce huge and lasting results.