Dental Practice:  2009creekview logo before and after

Assessment: Tapped to assist with Google Placement. Comprehensive review of ALL Marketing/Ad dollars being spent revealed opportunity to instantly SAVE $4000 per month in marketing while INCREASING the number of new patients.  Logo was outdated and website was poorly constructed and to cumbersom to manage and change and should be replaced. Lacking Automation was creating unnecessary expenses.


  1. Instead of creating a new website a vendor was resourced that specializes in Dental Websites providing a fast, affordable ($200 per month) complete website with fresh, relavant dental content including newsletters and contact forms. Very economical.
  2. Affordable Mini-Makeover to old Logo. <click before and after images above>
  3. Using existing Software to Automate the Dental Appointment reminder (Savings on Postage/Printing per yr was in the $1000’s)

Result – Instant Profit: $48,000 annual.

Cosmetic Practice 2009: 

Assessment: Lagging Google search placement of website was vexing & Profit Hole at the front desk!  A series of recored front desk calls revealed an astounding number of New patients calling for services and NOT scheduling a FREE consultation or even the service they requested information about.


  1. Website placement corrected, they dominated (still do as of 5/2013) dominate the first page of Google search for 3 keywords
  2. Resourced and scheduled a Front Desk 9 week training program to improve call handling.

Result:  Doubled Revenues – no additional Costs. Revenues leapt from 1.25million annually to 3.25 million less than 9 months later – in a down economy in a business category that depends 100% on clients discretionary income. No body really NEEDS Botox.

Minneapolis Stucco Company 2011: 

Assement:  Brand dilution. New business owner concerned about google search placement. Search of keywords “Stucco Minneapolis” revealed  this clients website was already on the first page of Google – he was 3rd on that page. However there were 7 other competitors (family relatives) using the same family name in their business name. Problem? Brand dilution.  How could a new customer differentiate between 7 companies all using a similar name? They couldn’t. Outdated and redundant systems and technology prevented this company from moving quickly on leads. Lack of call handling expertise resulted in leads going cold.


Total Makeover.  The challenge here was to keep the legacy and strong brand – and tie it together with a new identity. Together we changed everything but the legacy Stucco Crew. We refined or replaced outdated systems. Created systems where there were none, leveraged technology wherever possible and brought the backend of the business into the 21st century with quickbooks integration, PDF estimate forms, new phone-lines with forwarding and voicemail technology.

  • Changed the name
  • Sourced Designers and helped to create new identity – Logo, signage, Website, Brochure, marketing materials.
  • New Seasonal office Staff hired.  After 20+ years with the company the much beloved bookkeeper/office person took another position. Staffing a full-time employee throughout the year was a financial a burden to this seasonal business. New Staffer works seasonally saving $
  • Created new estimate forms and processes
  • leveraged technology to streamline processes and systems
  • resourced, graphic designers, printing, web vendors, software, accounting consultants and trainers and more

Result: The Company is stabilized and most importantly Profitable. Although there was very little growth in this category for this client, his position is strong and he is prepared for growth as old competitors retire or fail, the economic climate improves, and larger commercial projects manifest. And with a new less costly office person in place who was delighted by seasonal work the company saves money.


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