How I work

Assessment > Analysis > Implementation > Follow-up & Coaching   Rainmaker Process Chart

Step One – Assessment Meeting

This first meeting will help me understand the way in which I can best support you. There are usually some tough questions to ask and answer.  Most of the businesses I work with are first time business owners who were experts in another field and are in the process of painfully learning a new skill – Business Ownership. Behind an altruistic dream of offering a service to the community that the owners passionately believed everyone  would want – is the reality that the business has yet to produce the kind of return or profit the owners had hoped.

This initial meeting can take up to two hours. Be prepared to bring your:

  • P&L
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Business Plan – if you have one
  • Marketing Plan and or Materials
  • Staff Job Descriptions & Wage information
  • Contracts – rental, equipment, advertising, etc.. (here I’m looking for land mines that can thwart progress like the ending of a real estate rental lease or equipment balloon payment, etc.)

Second Step – Analysis:  I prepare and present a Formal Recommendation – “RoadMap” which is  the foundation for creating rapid increases in revenue and also Profit.  I develop a Strategy Document that is yours to keep that will include benchmarks and “by whens”.

Third Step – Road Map & Implementation: Working with you to help you implement the RaodMap course corrections to create paths to profitability. My discovery in the first & second meeting usually uncovers some hidden opportunities that make an immediate difference in the bottom line.

Mild Warning: Making changes is always risky. But staying on the old path is risky too. One of the most significant and successful strategies I use to get a business on track is also the riskiest.

I usually ask Staff to perform their existing work tasks differently or I require them to perform NEW tasks they weren’t previously part of the job. These changes are surprisingly rarely welcome. And sometimes entire job descriptions change to better support the businesses goal of Profit. Not everyone likes change. Sometimes Staff decides to find other employment.

Team building is more art than science – although there are some terrific on-line tools based in science I use to help identify your Staff’s strengths. Aligning the current Staff with responsibilities that support the goal of profit creates the best environment for stability. Making sure that your staff is working with their natural strengths acts like an energizing multiplier!

 Forth Step Follow-up & Coaching