Hire Me.

What I do: I identify key areas of intervention and create custom Roadmaps to increase profitability. 

How, you might ask?

  • Identify areas where systems and strategies can be put in place to support growth of profit. Every small business I’ve worked with to date was missing KEY systems to increase profitability.
  • Create achievable Business Benchmarking that supports the Business Vision and Profit goals.
  • Evaluating Key players. Put the right people in the right position. Focusing on strengths.
  • Reviewing Financials and other business areas to identify “holes in the bucket”
  • Prepare businesses for Sale.

The marketing and business needs of Small Service Based businesses (under 50 employees) that deal directly with the public (50% or more of revenue comes directly from the public – not another business) are often misunderstood by consulting firms, marketing vendors, web developers etc..

The unique – high risk B2C position of these small businesses are simply not understood or even distinguished as unique category by many consulting, accounting, and marketing firms.

All businesses are NOT equal. They share some similarities. However a Service based business that deals directly with the public and which relies primarily on B2C transactions for revenue is a completely different model than a B2B small business.

Why use me? I’ve been in your shoes. High Overhead (64k/monthly) & 70% of revenues coming from new customers. I know how to make the phone ring. Growing can be good. But if you aren’t profitable – growing too soon can mean you are just digging a bigger hole, faster. I can help you get your team ready to receive an increased volume of customers – far from a no-brainer.  If your team and businesses isn’t prepared for the growth, prematurely advertising or making any businesses decisions designed to increase volumes can be a big mistake.