Gee. Where to beginGoogle owns the virtual universe.  Period.                                            

Of course having your website show up on the first page of Google for keywords related to your Business Service should be an integral part of your Marketing Strategy. It’s also important to now that while Google Search Placement is always part of the solution – lack of search-ability is never the only reason a business isn’t succeeding.

For Service Businesses – first page placement is vital to your success. It’s also the most affordable and cost-effective lead generation tool available today. For many small service based businesses – 70% of revenues come from NEW customers. Repeat that sentence 3x.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the buzz word of the decade. Google it. It means that your website is friendly to Google and if Google prefers your site over a competitors, it will serve it up in search results. The major distinction is that creating a website and keeping it on the first page of Google means you need to purchase or hire a marketing SERVICE rather than a marketing PRODUCT (magazine ad) that will continually monitor and promote your website to stay current with Google’s organic and ever-changing algorithms. Keeping a Website and Social Media site relevant to Google can seem overwhelming. Don’t stress. There are many, many affordable SEO businesses that can help your do this.

The mental hurdle for many businesses is that this kind of marketing is SO completely different from traditional forms of marketing like Yellow Pages, Magazines, Billboards, TV etc.

Huge paradigm shift. Previously Businesses could buy ad space (like real estate – you rent a location – a particular spot in the newspaper) – that has a certain demographic. You create the Print Ad – and that was the end of that. The more you could afford the better placement you could buy and the more frequently you could run the ad.

Google’s dynamic search features and ease of use make it SO convenient for users to quickly find what they are looking for. Most of us have ditched our paper directories and use a search engine to find the local services we need. And, Google is not a static landscape  but rather a confluence of constantly changing conditions. This is the main difference. Web advertising is more of a Service – not a single sale product like before.   The benefit to this that there is significantly more accountability, affordability and flexibility in this NEW model.

Finally it’s important for businesses to know enough about SEO and the Web so that they can evaluate what they are actually buying when they retain someone who claims to be able to make them show up on the first page of Google –  (like the Dex service). There is also lot that a business can do for themselves if they know how to do it. I can show you the basics. But I recommend finding a reliable vendor.