About Me

profile picIn 2009 I sold my business.

My name is Angela Elser. When I started my Medical Spa business with my Physician Husband – I knew absolutely nothing about how to run a successful Service Business. It was a very steep and expensive learning curve. In the end – I learned a LOT about what it takes to crank bank and keep a business profitable in a down economy. I bring that experience to you – only in a less steep and less expensive version.

In the 5 years I owned my business, I reached out and hired 4 different consulting agencies and spent over 70k in consulting fees. Each consultant had a piece of the puzzle. But not one of them had the whole of what I needed to be successful. So I kept reaching out. In the end, it was the consolidation of all that I’d learned from those teachers and what they didn’t seem to understand about my particular business that led to my own unique discovery  regarding service business success. I hope you will let me share that with you. The one thing that many service businesses fail to realize is this one key understanding:

Simply put: 70% of my revenues came from NEW customers finding me. It sounds obvious now. But without that knowledge it was impossible to know where and what to focus on to increase profits. And NONE of the consultants I’d hired understood that singular absolutely relevant distinction.

Think about it. If your profitability and ultimately the survival of your business requires a constant steady stream of fresh customers, you are suddenly aware of these 3 things:

  • Gotta have a capable, enthusiastic, persuasive rock star answering the phones (or emails)  – ON THE FIRST RING – no matter what!
  • Must use Direct Response advertising – instead of the glammy Branding ads we all love.
  • Customers FIRST impressions are more important than ever if I am to maximize my advertising dollar and win them over – you only get ONE chance.

As a Profit Strategist specializing in service businesses that rely on new customers, I can help you align key aspects in your business to get traction and acceleration towards greater profitability.

It’s difficult to see ourselves or our businesses objectively. I bring a 5000 ft perspective into view. I can help you evaluate which of the areas will give you rapid results and create a road map for you to help you increase your bottom line!

The rules of business have changed. Change IS the new rule. Nothing is the same in America as it was 30 years ago.  The work force is new (oh my how)  and is motivated by different set of values than the baby boomers – the customers are new – customers today want value and service and they want it NOW! – the technology necessary to run a business today or be Leader in your category can be overwhelming and its challenging to know where to start. Making a mistake in this area can be expensive and put you behind the competition.

Let me help you. You can do it all alone. But will you figure it out in time? You’ve mastered your own special service gift and presented it to the world, let me help you fast track the rest of the knowledge you need to know in order to be successful. Don’t suffer and wandering  in the desert like I did – paying talismans for omens – if they haven’t done what you are doing – and succeeded – they don’t know how to help you.

I can help you. Reach out today.